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The 3 Parts of Success in Events

There are many opportunities and challenges in the event business.

Time is always short, our attention split and we are juggling priorities, so we need to simplify our decisions, and focus our teams.

Essentially, ultimately, we all have just 3 things to get right.

1. THE MONEY – Financial success

2. THE AUDIENCE – Inspired Customers & Clients

3. THE TEAM – Engaged & Performing

To be successful you need to get these 3 things right.

If you get these 3 things right, you will be successful.

Why is having ‘3 things’ important?

It’s not easy to be successful in events. The more we can simplify and focus our energies, the better we may be.

Being in the events world can be a stressful place. In a fast-moving world managing our teams is challenging. In our competitive world it is paramount we keep our audience, our clients and event partners satisfied, and our customers (our participants and attendees) engaged. Events are growing, and there are great financial gains, but we need the right models in place to be profitable and sustainable.

Why is this useful?

This is a simple way to take a stocktake of the ‘3 things’ you need front of mind on your roadmap toward success. A compass to guide your attention, and the decisions we make.

This may be a daily check of there your time and energy should be spent. It may be a deeper dive to diagnose where your event is at, and where your organisation needs to spend it’s time. On engaging the Audience, the Team, or the Financial success.

Our Experience Design Playbook can help you succeed in each of these 3 parts.


We MATCH the purpose of our event with that of the Audience.

We MAP the experience for our Audience. Fulfilling their needs and wants.

We get the MODEL right, the right resources and Team in place, for our Team to succeed.

We get the MODEL right, so we have the Money, the cashflow and profits to create a valued, manageable event.

And we define and MEASURE success, to help make better decisions, for our Audience, our Team, and our Finances.

Please let me know if we can help you create, or recreate you event with all or each of these steps.

Please touch base if we can help will all, or part of your success in events.

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