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AOL on the Event Transformation podcast

It was super interesting to share ideas with Chris Randle on his EVENT TRANSFORMATION podcast – pushing us all to explore how we can best progress in the world of events…

We cover a bit of stuff that may be on your mind, and I hope you might find it useful!

We talk about events as experiences - and why selling the dream AND delivering on the promise is equally important +

✓ Why ‘the experience’ is a buzzword - but there is a good reason why…

✓ some ‘highlights’ in a process you can use for meaningful event design – like...

✓ understanding WHY your event exists!

✓ knowing WHO it is for, and capturing their imaginations...

✓ designing WHAT ‘the experience’ is, what people will think, feel, do, say and share...

✓ why WHERE and WHEN is important, and why do some moments matter more...

✓ at the start, to the middle and at the end.

+ HOW you can do that, the importance of people, and relationships, in the process!

We hope that’s useful for you in some way… and I hope you can support Chris’s show 👍.

I think we all know the more we share our thoughts the better we will be 🙌

Please tune in here >>>

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