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A (data led) journey to more people, more involved, more often

Improving recruitment, retention, and reputations can be challenging - but if you want more people to sign up, show up again and bring others with them - their experience is the answer.

Because when we track a journey across the ‘Moments of Impact’, we can see that positive experiences keep people involved, and negative experiences see them stop.

And, we also know that when people have a good experience, they are much, much more likely to bring others with them.

We all understand pathways in sport, and everyone should have a pathway, but many face friction or ‘barriers’.

So if we understand this is important then the next step might be audit your touchpoints to ensure that any challenges are overcome, and more people stay on the journey with you.

We do this with 3 simple steps:

1. Discover the drop offs

2. Design a better pathway

3. Deliver and track their progress

You may be doing that already, but if you need a hand to map out the programs, events and sessions you’re offering… please just let us know … 🖐🏽

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