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The Event Show with Sam Middlehurst

It’s a rockstar show this week, with leading entrepreneur

Sam Middleton Co-founder & MD of The Music Run

Sam is a self confessed reformed management consultant, now creating rockstar active experiences, that look like this…

Attracting over 250,000 participants, as the name suggests this is the mashing of music and running together to create amazing moments – like the world’s largest finish line party.

Standing out from the crowd in sport and entertainment is not easy, nor is winning the hearts and minds of a youthful audience. But Sam and his team are showcasing how an aspirational vision combined with market insights can create brilliant new experiences. 

In this Show you will hear Sam share some generous insights into the things they have learned, and continue to work on in their journey in our inspiring and competitive world of events.


And if you do get some value from this, we’d appreciate you spreading the word,  giving a voice to event people.

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