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The 2 Sides to Events

Event people are lucky. We work in a positive space with passionate people. The people around us are striving to do great things, and we usually find more support than resistance. But working in events is different.

We are in a fortunate position. There are not many roles that allow you to influence people, inspire, connect, to share your ideas for the world to embrace. Our work doesn’t get saved and filed away, our work is experienced, lived and remembered. When we get the job done, we provide something for people to enjoy.

But, so often the demands can be challenging. We don’t have the time to look ahead to whats next, or even think about what we need right now. Work dominates life, we make sacrifices, we say goodbye to friends and family until the job is done. Any work/life balance is smashed to pieces. But we find a way through. And it is usually worth it. But sometimes only just. And sometimes not.

A 2017 study actually showed that working in events is the 5th most stressful job in the world, just behind the military and emergency services! Now they deal in life and death. We don’t, so there is something wrong with that. Working in events shouldn’t be that hard!

And it doesn’t have to be this way. As event people we work hard, and we deserve to do well. We all know it can be easier than this, but we need to work at it. And, we deserve to look after ourselves, to enjoy our work, and to succeed.

The 2 sides of events

Events can be brilliant, but challenging.

We shouldn’t be just surviving, we should be thriving.

But so often in events we are so focused on getting it done front of house, we forget about behind the scenes. About ourselves. And our teams. It can be hard work. And while most event teams do provide each other some support, things change and move fast, and we move around a lot so left up to you. You are the boss of your own destiny after all. For so many the career path is not defined, or even the next step.

Even in the organisations with the intent and resources its difficult to get it right all the time, so we are hoping to help fill a gap and provide some support.

So we recently decided to do some things to help event people. People like us.

With The Event Show we have given a voice to the industry, and we would like to hear yours. And with the event school, a network connecting you for real world learning, and connections.

So hopefully we have something to support you. To connect you to other people like us. And ideally help you get that next role. To get the influence and recognition you deserve. Within your team, and become a leader across the industry.

It’s not the destination but the journey

We want to do it in style. Still putting in the effort, but with less stress and more time do the things with who you want. Back to the work you love, with the people you like. To live the life you want to lead.

Let me know if we can help you with both sides of events, to thrive, not just survive.

Helping create influential event people… to work better, and live better.

Can we help you? Please touch base at

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