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Moments of Impact

Getting people to sign up for our events can be challenging. And sometimes getting them back next time hasn’t been much easier!

We need to create moments that influence. Those defining moments that change people.

‘Moments of Impact’ occur across an event campaign. They are the moments that matter across the experience.

These Moments of Impact are catalysts to change in people, moving our customers from state to state, changing what they think, feel, do (and say!). We can move them across the 6 fundamental stages of their journey with us, from Awareness, to Interest, Decision, Action, Activity, and Reflection*.

(*this is our take on the typical customer journey phases. Learnt from our experiences and looking at leading methods such as Dentsu Agency ‘Cross Switch’ approach, plus insights such as Google’s Zero Moments of Truth).

Why is this useful?

We believe each customer journey is different, but there are familiar patterns you can observe, or create, with your audience moving along their own personal, but similar, paths. And in looking at these patterns across hundreds of events, we found 12 common Moments to Impact within event experience journeys,  across these 6 stages.

Why is this important?

If we can focus our valuable time, energy and activities on things that make a difference, that makes life a bit easier. If we can focus our resources on the moments that matter, that makes our work better. Creating the influence we need to have, not just being busy. Focusing on the Moments of Impact allows us to influence behavior and attitudes in each customer segment, shifting each individual along the event experience journey.

To sign up, show up, and share.

Getting people attention is hard enough these days, let alone capturing hearts and minds.

While each journey is made up of thousands of moments, not all moments are made equal. We know from our experience and research that there are defining moments across every event, and within these insights we’ve found 12 significant Moments to Impact, the critical moments across these phases.


If we can focus on creating moments that impact at these important stages, they will be the most influential moments. They are catalysts to decision making, to move people through the experience we wish to provide, and they will be key to the memories they take away.

Yes, it is a simplification, but ultimately, the sum of these 12 moments will determine what people do, what they think, feel, and say about your event.

12 moments on any event journey

So, how can we create these ‘Moments of Impact’?

We help people create and deliver these moments of impact, with the Experience Design Playbook.

Find out about sessions on ‘How to Win Fans and Influence People’, or just touch base with me now at

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Thanks, AOL.

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