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Learning from the Greatest Shows on Earth

So, how do we create successful events? We got curious and looked at why some events are more influential, how they stand out from the crowd.

We looked at the ‘iconic events’. The Greatest Shows on Earth.

What we found are some ingredients to success in today’s event world. And whilst they aren’t the only ingredients to success, and we can’t all create iconic events overnight, you can use each of these to bring your ideas to life.

From The Olympics to Superbowl & World Cup Finals, Grand Slams, big city Marathons, and Le Tour. From Tomorrowland to Glastonbury & Coachella, Fringe Fests & Burning Man. From Rio Canivale & Mardi Gras around the world. From SXSW to TED Talks, ComicCon, Fashion Weeks & World Expo’s. Learning from the best.

And I feel these events are like ‘zeitgeist experiences’. They capture hearts and minds and create a spirit or feeling for a moment in time. Often a place where a shared purpose and belief embraces their audience, influencing thoughts and actions. Having an impact in their worlds.

You can now use these learnings to create your own influential event. In a nice, free, easy to read ebook here…

And go deeper into each element in our series on these iconic events, here

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