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Insights Interview Series - Andrew O'Loughlin on Experience Design!

I really admire the people that have been really leaning in during our events 'off-season', so it was great to speak with Georgie Stayches on her 'Insights Interview Series', as Georgie has been offering great webcasts and panel discussions on all the important topics, to help us come out the other side of this phase in a much better position.

So it was great to chat - and we shared our thoughts on why ‘the experience’ is all the talk, what you can do to design more influential experiences, and how we go about it.

- how the experience will matter the most, to decide whether people sign up and show up again

- how event planning compares to other innovative industries, plus what has - and what hasn’t changed.

- how to create customer journeys by walking in their shoes

- how to set up Experience Design sessions

- why this approach is about the customer, but it’s also about you

- and how you can genuinely allow everyone on your team to contribute to design and debriefs, and how is interesting where the great ideas actually do come from!

And, if you would like to hear more about ‘Experience Design for Events’ there are some free sessions from the new course here...

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