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A Team Of Teams

I think there is a critical moment in everyones event career when they realise that it is not about them anymore.

We realise that what got us where we are, won’t get us where we want to go. That is, the wonderful work ethic, the technical skills, the passion for the cause, will not get us any further. We can’t work harder, longer, more creatively or efficiently.

We have this breakthrough moment when we realise that our progress, and better work, will actually come from harnessing the power of others. Our influence on the event we are creating and delivering, and our influence within the world of events, will be the sum of the people we can bring to the party. And for me it has actually not been about realising this once in my career, it’s needed to happen again, and again. On many projects, and as the stepping stone to achieving the next challenge. As once we realise this, and once we work and think in this way, we become much greater, and it propels us into new roles, leadership positions, and a higher status.



I’ve been very fortunate to work with, many great teams of teams. This is due to the talented, motivated people that are in our industry that I have been able to call upon. And also, because we have been proactive in engaging broadly in each and every campaign, to create a team of teams.




Your ‘Team of Teams’*

In any event, a team is made up of teams. The team may be the few people sitting around you in your office, it is also the team that contributes from across the organisation. Most events involve many others, from other departments, and other organisations to achieve what they need to achieve.

And then, there is the wider team of teams, the people, freelancers, agencies, contractors, venues, staff, suppliers, sponsors, stakeholders, volunteers, partners, etc, etc, etc. etc. This all makes up your own team of teams. You can’t do it on your own. When we realise this, and, when we remind oursleves of this as we go, we can have greater impact in the world, and see greater value in our work.

And, as we all know, your only as strong as your weakest link.

So, a few questions for you…

How do you define your team? Should you broaden this view?

What more could you create, what challenges could you overcome, with a ‘team of teams’?

Too many questions!? If we can help you answer some of these, and create a stronger team, please, jump into our ‘Get Shit Done’ Team of Teams program now!

* I thank General Stanley McChrystal for inspiring the thinking about a ‘Team of Teams’ in his book of the same name. Check it out.

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