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6 STEPPS to signing up more people, more often

Together with Register Now, we recently conducted a 'pulse check' on the popular GC30 event, to discover the STEPPS influencing people to sign up, and why people might show up again, and again. And now you can now see those critical triggers below!

While some STEPPS are consistent across our participants journeys, some take a slightly different path. The important thing is understanding what is important to each of your participants. If we can help you with that, please let us know!

Please download the pdf here, and please drop in a time to chat about what we can do, for free, for your event.

Plus, for more information on the STEPPS, we have just released a full eBook right here.

++ for more free tools, ideas, videos and podcasts to help you sign up more people, more often... just jump in here!

STEPPS to Sign Up with SXD & Register No
Download • 505KB

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